Kotha PRO is a simple, clean, personal, modern and professional WordPress Blog Theme ideal for Bloggers, Travelers, Illustrators, Food lovers or simply you have something important to tell. It’s fully responsive, so it adapts to your style as well as the device it’s viewed on. It came with great features: unlimited styles support with 5 predefined template layouts, 3 header styles, 5+ custom widgets, many custom templates, 5 post formats: Standard, Video, Slider, Chat, Audio, powerful & advanced theme live customizer with 100+ options and more. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy!

Wordpress Installation

This Theme has been developed only for Wordpress 4.0 or higher version. So, you need to install WordPress before you can use this theme. Please see the CMS installation process. Here you can find the documentation: Wordpress Codex - Installing Wordpress

Wordpress Theme Installation

WordPress theme is simply a group of files, called template, bundled together that, when activated in CMS, determine the look and basic function of your site. By using professional WordPress theme, you can have your site up and run with a new design - pretty fast. Theme installation is a very easy process. Especially when you've chosen the theme you want to use, you'll need to install it into your WordPress website. You'll have the following two choices, as you did when adding new plugins:

  • You can add the theme directly from within the WP Admin, using "Upload Theme" option. From Admin Panel go the following path Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme and select the zip theme, then click Install Now.
  • If your server is not set up correctly or you have any problems, you'll have to extract and then upload the theme by hand. Using your favorite FTP Client Tool upload theme folder into the folder path /wp-content/themes/ on your server and active it from admin panel.

Note: On your WordPress site, the wp-content/themes folder holds all your themes. Each theme you install gets its own subfolder. All of a theme's stylesheets and template files reside inside the theme's folder.



How to set Pre-loader?

Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Pre-Loader

  1. On/Off Pre-loader option.
  2. Upload Pre-loader gif image.
  3. Set Pre-loader background.
  4. Then click "Save & Publish" button.


Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Colors

  1. Set body background color.
  2. Set theme color.
  3. Click "Save & Publish" button to save options.
Custom CSS and JS


Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> CSS and JS

  1. Type your custom css.
  2. Type your custom js.
  3. Click "Save & Publish" button to save options.
Footer Instagram


Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Instagram

  1. On/Off Instagram section.
  2. Set Instagram section title.
  3. Set your Instagram user ID. Generate UserID
  4. Set your Instagram accessToken. Generate Access Token
  5. Set total Instagram image limit.
  6. Set display Instagram image limit.
  7. Click "Save & Publish" button to save option.


Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Footer

  1. Set footer background color.
  2. Set footer text color.
  3. Add your copyright text.
  4. Set copyright text background color.
  5. Set copyright text color.
  6. Click "Save & Publish" button to save options.