AMBITIOUS is a Classic, Elegant Beautiful Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme for passionate bloggers. It's a theme with mobile first design This theme is an incredibly customizable blog theme designed to meet your every need like Blogging, Small Business and E-commerce Website. Ambitious can be your right choice to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style. Unlimited color option, numerous sidebars, Essentials different Custom Widgets, Robust options, Modern classic design and huge customization ability will give you a smart blog website.



  • Compatible Browsers: IE 9 +, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
  • We don’t support other 3rd party plugins.


Recommended Plugins:

  • Vafpress Post Formats UI
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Contact Form 7
  • WooCommerce


Wordpress Installation

This Theme has been developed only for WordPress 4.0 or Higher. So, you need to install wordpress fast then use this theme. Please see the wordpress installation process . Here is the documentation Wordpress Codex - Installing Wordpress

Wordpress Theme Installation

Theme installation is a very easy process. First, you need to upload theme files and active it. The Theme file can be uploaded two ways

I. FTP Upload: Using your favourite FTP program . First, you have to unzip theme files then upload into the folder path /wp-content/themes/ on your server and active it from admin panel.

II. Wordpress Upload: From Wordpress Admin Panel go the following path Appearance->themes->Install-themes->upload and select the theme . Click Install Now and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Ambitious Installation

Step 1: In Dashboard click on Dashboard => Appearance Menu

Step 2: Then click on Dashboard => Appearance => Theme Menu

Step 3: Then click on Add New

Step 4: Then click on Upload Theme

Step 5: Then click on Choose file and select file from your computer directory.

Step 6: Now click on Install Now button and wait for the installation complete. After successful installation of theme click on active theme click and enjoy theme feature.

Fig: Install Shaped Step by Step
Fig: Install Ambitious Step by Step
Ambitious Essential Plugins

For using all Features you have to install and active all required plugins. All Essential plugins are included in the Ambitious theme.

  • Vafpress Post Formats UI
  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Install above essential plugins by easy 2 step.

Step 1: In Dashboard, click on Dashboard => Appearance Menu => Install Plugins Menu

Step 2: Then click on Install link under plugin title and Activate and enjoy the plugins.

Fig: Essential plugins installation
Fig: Essential plugins installation
Demo Data Import

Import Sample Data: If you want to use sample data for your website then you need to install sample date. See the way how to install Import Sample Data tools => import => wordpress Bottom of the page have wordpress. Click wordpress then you can see the Install Now

Import Sample Data
Import Sample Data
Custom Widgets


<p class="subscribe-dec">Please enter your email address to receive daily newsletter of our blog posts.</p> <p> <input type="email" id="mc4wp_email" name="EMAIL" placeholder="Your email address" required /> </p> <p> <input type="submit" value="Subscribe Now!" /> </p>

Customizer Option

The Customizer is a option framework what provides live-preview of any change to our theme. We can made huge changes to the theme. Let's start–

How to go to Customizer?

After login in admin dashboard:
Keep mouse over Appearance (left side menubar)=> Click Customize.

Site Identity

Here we can change Site Title, Tagline, Favicon Icon and Logo.


01. The site title shows on browser title bar .

02. Tag line goes right side of the site title.

03. Favicon icon shows on browser title bar. Here we can change the icon, the icon image should be square.

04. Upload main logo of the site. Demo logo's size is width 258px height 30px.


Here we can change colors.

01. Theme Color: By this option we can change the color of all colored text.

02. Anchor Color: Anchor is hypertext ( linked text .) . Here we can change all the anchor text color.

03. Anchor Hover Color: Hover means keeping mouse over a text. Here we can change the hover color.

04. Background Color: Here We can change the theme background color.


General Settings

01. Home Layout: Here we can change the home layout, like layout with left sidebar, right sidebar, full-width.

02. Home Template: Here we can change the home layout with different views.

  •  Large Image: All posts with large featured image.
  • List Layout : All posts with list view.
  • List Layout with First Large: First post comes with large image and the rest show in list view.
  • List Layout with 3 Grid: On the top 3 posts come in 3 grid column view and rest in list view.
  • Grid 2 Columns: First Large: Here First post comes in large view and the rest come in 2 grid column view.
  • Grid 2 Columns: All posts come in 2 grid columns view.
  • Grid 3 Columns:  All posts come in 3 grid columns view.
  • Masonry 2 Columns:  All posts come in 2 columns masonry view.
  • Masonry 3 Columns:  All posts come in 3 columns masonry view.

03. Disable Post Content: When the check is checked post's text content will be hidden.

04. Blog Pagination or Navigation:  Pagination shows numerically page numbers under the posts on the other view Navigation shows Older Posts and Newer Posts two buttons.

05. Disable Preloader: Preloader is the animated image, shows when the website load.


Featured Area Settings

01. By checking we can hide the featured slider.

02. Slider Style: Here we can choose one style among four styles of featured slider.

03. Select Featured Category: If we want the featured posts from any specific category we can choose one from the drop-down.

04. Here we can set slide amount.


Instagram Area Settings

Here we can set the Instagram slider.

01. Here we can hide the Instagram slider.

02. Here we can set Instagram slider title.

03. Instagram user ID. ( to get your user ID

04. Access token. ( in need

05 . Here we can set slide amount.